Perth Pilates – A New Level of Fitness and Balance.

Pilates exercise has gained a worldwide popularity particularly with women. Aside from improving a person’s fitness, Pilates provides some health benefits as well. Whether you’re a runner, golfer or a mother of two, you’ll certainly appreciate the advantages of this workout. perth pilates

Perth Pilates is both challenging and gentle; gentle in the sense that it doesn’t need weight bearing positions like most workouts do. The exercise is so safe that it’s even used in physical therapy sessions to rehabilitate the muscles and joints.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get by doing Pilates:

1. Improves Flexibility. Pilates is considered an extremely flexible exercise system. Unlike traditional workouts that build short and bulky muscles, Pilates elongates muscles groups. This process improves elasticity and flexibility and develops long lean muscles.

2. Evenly Conditions Body. Conventional exercises tend to work on the same muscle groups every time which leads to muscular imbalance. Pilates conditions the whole body which results to a balanced musculature. No muscle group is over-worked or under-worked.

3. Develop Strong Core. A stable and strong core is much needed during exercises. The ‘core’ or the centre of the body consists of mostly abdominal muscles and muscles close to the spine. Pilates integrates these muscles along with the trunk, shoulders and pelvis for a controlled core.

4. Body Awareness. Pilates makes us more aware of our body. It educates us on how to move efficiently using smooth continuous movements. These movements can be applied to our daily activities – brushing teeth, cooking, etc. – it trains our body to build symmetry and coordination.

Pilates strengthens your core and builds a good foundation. It gives you control over your body a great sense of satisfaction. Not to mention the results – washboard stomach, confidence and healthy lifestyle overall. Perth Pilates Studio Timetable can show you how refreshing Pilates is. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to your old fitness routine.